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IndyStar and wedding photos before and during medical school


This is the post I originally promised two years ago. Featuring IndyStar and wedding work.

The photo blog rises


I finally have time to post an update to this six-year-old blog. Most of these pictures are of concepts I drew for study purposes, but there is a bonus collection of images from the solar eclipse this year.
TAGS Science | Personal | IU

Go west, young medical student


Before starting the huge adventure that is medical school, I went on a completely different adventure.

A harpist, an orchestra conductor, and a bee!


Come for the journalism, stay for the photos of insects.

High school basketball, Boys and Girls Club, and new kite photos!


Dusting off the kite and the GoPro for some new views

Kite aerial photography at the Indianapolis Museum of Art


On Monday, I was accepted into the IU School of Medicine. Today, I was paid to fly a kite. Truly, we live in interesting times.

Wrestling, Nelly, pampered kids, and basketball


I continue to be wowed by the variety of experiences that newspaper work allows me to have.

Food, swimming, an engagement, and more food

or Clearing the Traffic Jam, 2015 Edition

These may be posted in March, but I wouldn't know it from looking outside.

This was 2014.

A three-year tradition for this four-year-old blog. (Whoops. Sorry, 2011.)

This year doesn't feel quite as transformative as did 2013. At least, any transformation that occurred was nowhere near as sudden or cataclysmic. The theme this year is progress.
TAGS Personal

Meece/McAdams Wedding


Wouldn't you know it, self-promotion works.

Kaiser/Rhoderick Wedding


The post went up eventually!

Year-end Catch-up

or I missed posting 11 photo assignments
or Let's use this ketchup before it expires


or How many puns can I make about ketchup? I don't know, but more than I should make, I know that.

Partial Solar Eclipse of 2014


Wherein the Moon played peekaboo (partially) with us and the Sun

This is September.


Good news, concerning both med school prospects and journalism

Georgia Reese's and community clean-up

or Two batches of color on dead trees

Featuring a new restaurant and a neighborhood hoping to renew itself

Walk for Water and Tri-Indy Triathlon


Featuring lots of walking and a little paddleboating

Fites/Gilliland Wedding


I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and I got what may be my favorite pre-ceremony photo of a bride.

Fourth of July, taken slowly


In a respite from deadline-induced blindness

Indiana Fever vs. Tulsa Shock


Guess which Black Keys song is still stuck in my head?

This was (the rest of) May.


Featuring a sport and... a thing that's almost a sport? ...Nah, it's not a sport. But it's got fans and passion like a sport.

CA-me-lo-PAR-da-lids meteor shower


Only three meteors caught over an hour, but I got some kick-ass star circles

Four concerts and a train


Now that the spring semester is over, I have time to blog

2014 Little 500


It's spring, it's college, it's athleticism, it's determination, it's the pinnacle of life in a great many ways.

It is finally obviously spring!

or This entry is finally posted!

Entry lost and forgotten in draft form; finally posted on May 12

IU School of Medicine Evening of the Arts


My future flashed before my eyes.

What have I been up to lately?


It's been a month since I've updated the blog, so let's fix that.

Carnaval at Jazz Kitchen and Ghost the Musical


Cultural cannibalism and... Ghost? The Musical?

What I Should Have Entered for INPA CPOY, and Other Insights

(but mostly Other Insights)

Twelve parts photos, a million parts introspection and future-gazing

Lots and lots of work in February


Six assignments in one entry, because organic chemistry takes up so much time

Megan Hilty at the Columbia Club


While most other sane people were staying inside and out of the new snow that came down Saturday evening...

This is 2014, so far

or Clearing the Traffic Jam, New Year's Edition

Includes four assignments (four!) done this past weekend

This was 2013.


Here's my attempt to explain a year that was wonderfully undefinable.
TAGS Personal

IU men's basketball vs. North Florida

or Back Home Again in Assembly Hall

I was so excited to go back. I stepped onto the floor, all the memories came rushing back, and it just felt right.

Christmas on the Square in Danville


The first of probably a lot of Christmas 2013 photos

Way up there and way down here


From a comet to 3-day-old zebrafish

Meeting Tim O'Brien at VonnegutFest


"I adored The Things They Carried!" I said, being completely fanboy about it.

IHSAA Cross Country State Finals


These are fast people, even over long distances.

Halloween at Tin Roof


This might be a yearly occurrence. I wouldn't mind.

On the off chance that 'Gravity' really happens


If Sandra Bullock has to navigate through the ISS's debris, I at least have my own record of its orbit.

GermanFest Beer Games and Key to the Cure


Featuring beer steins, a stuffed cow, and next year's fashions shown off for a good cause

Art vs. Art, Oktoberfest, Brewfest


Effectively, three parties in 24 hours.

Walk for Water 5K Event


With a math placement exam sandwiched in the middle

Greenwood Summer Concert Series


Kids are the epitome of photogenic.

Indiana Girls Lacrosse State Championship


A great game and a big announcement

A night at Saddle Up


No bucking bull this time, but still some dancing and beautiful people

Danny Brown at Deluxe


The New York Times calls him "a terrific and terrifically weird rapper." I concur.

Back to freelancing


Bonus content: a book recommendation

Week Six at the Journal & Courier


I end with lots of bugs.

Week Five at the Journal & Courier


An aging brain and a few young'ins

Week Four at the Journal & Courier


Basketball, a crown of thorns, and kids with Easter eggs

Some star trails

or Light pollution: a bane of my existence

Also: the moon can get freakishly bloody-looking.

Week Three with the Journal & Courier


This kid has an eye for Easter eggs.

Two weeks with the Journal & Courier


A triumphant return to daily photojournalism in Lafayette

Operation Walk in Guatemala


Ninety-nine cases, 69 patients, four days.
TAGS Personal

Dance Kaleidoscope fundraising gala


An auction and some fancy clothes

Collected kite aerial photography


A continually updated page for all the best kite photos

Chicago kite-flying, part 2


Despite less wind, I still love taking photos from a kite in Chicago.

Mardi Gras at Jazz Kitchen and Kilroy's


Fat Tuesday: When, within two hours, you can get photos of both a band marching through a bar and women holding crawfish.

Lincoln and Dad's Excellent Adventure


An amendment, a proclamation, and a face.

Hawks in the Hall


Who knew you could play at Assembly Hall as a seventh grader?
TAGS Sports | Bloomington | IU

Zoolala at the Indianapolis Zoo


Every assignment needs a blue macaw.

Norton Records benefit at the Melody Inn


An Indy benefit for a New York record label deluged by Sandy

Bar Crawl on East 82nd Street


You could call this a completely outsourced page.

This was 2012.


Ask not what the past year has done for you. Ask what you have done for the past year.
TAGS Personal

International Final Fridays at Social


The snow didn't keep everybody at home. Most everybody, but not everybody.

Rad Summer XXXmas Party at White Rabbit


...There wasn't much XXX about it.

The Heffner family and the Peace Learning Center


"This is gonna be our first family photo!"

RA Niteclub Grand Opening


However you spell it, it's a new club.

Final Let Go! dance party


Let Go! and let flash.

Big Ten Football Championship fans


Sometimes, your favorite photo on an assignment isn't the one you were assigned to take.

Election Day in Columbus, Ohio


Until next time, you uber-battleground state, you.
TAGS Ohio | Politics | Demotix | News

Hear to Heal at Brownsburg High School


The 90s goes back to high school.

Halloween at Bella Vita


As Mike Fender said, this was bigger than Mr. Big.

Obama ends 48-hour campaign swing in Cleveland, Ohio


He was raspy from the rest of his cross-country tour, but I've never seen him use his fists so much.
TAGS Politics | Demotix | Ohio

Time-lapse during the Orionids meteor shower


Watching remnants of Halley's Comet fall through the sky

Obama makes stump speech at OSU in Columbus, Ohio


An editor's pick, a no-no to DSLRs, and Big Bird.
TAGS Politics | News | Demotix | Ohio

Circle City Classic Cabaret


Featuring Tank and SOS Band

The Windy City lives up to its name


And now for something completely different: flying a kite.

Obama and Romney campaign in Ohio


Whiplash, thy name is Ohio.
TAGS Politics | Demotix | News | Ohio

Hunter/Mullis Wedding


An old stone mill, an old firetruck, a new married couple

Paul Ryan stumps in Owensville, Ohio

or Politicians talk with their hands and faces

There's so much that politicians can say without saying a word.
TAGS Demotix | Ohio | Politics

Rascal Flatts at Klipsch Music Center


I don't mind this country music.

A lifeguard, some Zumba, and the Moon


Two IndyStar assignments, and a wink at the Moon.

Sloan/Smith Wedding


A wedding-day collaboration with Steve Ligon and Rosi Jane's Photography
TAGS Weddings

Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller at Klipsch Music Center


This might have been the smoothest concert I've ever taken photos of, logistically speaking.

Go fly a kite, with an iPhone attached to its string

or My first foray into kite aerial photography

The most cost-effective high-POV photo option is kite aerial photography, an on-again, off-again fascination with a very devoted fan base.

What to bring with you on a 160-mile bike ride in July

or Hey, look, it's an infographic!

If your future involves a 160-mile bike ride in July heat and you have someone to drive a car for you, then pay close attention.
TAGS Sports

Que siempre sea 'hasta luego'


In Chicago, these wonderful people were all I needed.

Cariaso Wedding


I've known the Cariaso family for a long time, but I was thankful to be a major part of the culmination of a long and happy life together.

Hilton/Peck Wedding


I hope every wedding I shoot is this fun.

Arec and Kelsey are getting married!


It's hard to imagine anyone more perfect for each other than Arec and Kelsey.

Let's try this pinhole camera again.


The first try at a six-month pinhole camera got moved, so this time it's sturdier.
TAGS Science

New flash toys


Getting new camera flash equipment makes any day feel like Christmas.

Second rock from the sun


Of course, NASA beats me, but I think I did pretty well with my limited resources.
TAGS Science | News

Lauren Spierer, one year later


It can't have been a year since Lauren Spierer went missing. Can it?

Drake at Klipsch Music Center


I am forever grateful to event staff who like photographers.

NATO brings out the protesters


With the existence of such a large military alliance, "you have a hammer, [and] you see every problem as a nail."
TAGS Chicago | News | Politics

"Mr. Big" Jerry Hostetler's run-down house


"The whole was far, far less than the sum of its parts."

Richard Mourdock, 15 months ago


Richard Mourdock's partisanship made me a bit chagrined.

500 Festival Rev Your Engines Concert


The month of May is getting so big that they had to push it into April.

2012 Little 500


Little 500 is my favorite event of the year.

Professional Bull Riders in Indianapolis


Oddly enough, this IS my first rodeo.

These things are different now.


A memory changes each time it is recalled.
TAGS Personal | Science

Notre Dame women's basketball: The first of two straight Final Fours


The Notre Dame women's basketball team plays tonight in their second straight Final Four.

Marines put on a good wedding

or This isn't the Alex Farris Coding Blog

My cousin got married to a Marine this weekend at Quantico.
TAGS Weddings

look ma im a REAL hackzorzasaurus


As Marty McFly said, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

woohoo its PHP OMG im a hackzorzasaurus


I can argue that I'm doing more web coding than most photographers would do.

Dumpster diving through the archives: Internal frame


Why, you might ask, would you limit a photo with an internal frame?

I am a Hoosier, but I was a Boilermaker


In which I discuss my conflicted relationship with the most important basketball rivalry in the state of Indiana
TAGS Sports | IU | Personal

It's a marvelous night for a moondance


For the last few days, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter have appeared really close together in the Northern Hemisphere's western sky.
TAGS Science

Ash Wednesday, brought to you (literally) by Christ Church Cathedral


The downtown cathedral provided ashes for people too busy for a full service.

Dumpster diving through the archives: motion blur


Capturing the blur of the preceding milliseconds helps tell the story in more dimensions.

Original Lincoln documents, or a few of my favorite things


As a nerd of many things, I'm a big fan of looking at original historical artifacts and holding them in my hands.
TAGS News | IU | Bloomington

This is the last Super Bowl post. I swear.

or My city is hosting the Super Bowl (part 3)

I hope this video gives you a good idea of how much went on downtown, both in the Village and elsewhere on game day.

My city is hosting the Super Bowl (part 2)

or My city hosted the Super Bowl!

Here are some more photos from this week, all of which also appear on Demotix.

My city is hosting the Super Bowl (part 1)


As a native of Indianapolis, I both never thought this could happen and knew deep down that we could do it.

A note from sixth-graders warms the heart


I don't know what I'm doing right, but I must be doing it somehow.
TAGS Personal

shooting from the hip (re-do)


This time, it worked out.
TAGS Chicago | Personal

Playing with lights


No, really, I just played around.
TAGS Personal

Let's not get too excited.


It's not meant to depress you, but rather to remind you not to expect too much.
TAGS IU | Sports

The sun also rises (on camera, in a six-month project)


If everything works out, I'll have a present to open at the summer solstice.
TAGS Science | Personal

IU fans describe The Moment at Nick's English Hut


One more story about Saturday's celebration before Hoosier Nation moves on to this weekend's game against Notre Dame.
TAGS IU | Sports | Bloomington

IU basketball beats Kentucky 73-72, all hell breaks loose in Bloomington


I was able to capture the greatest moment in Indiana University basketball in about a decade.

Hawaii, Part 2


As Pearl Harbor commemorations occur, they provide a news peg for two things that I have been late in posting.

This kid's photogenic when he's fast.


You could argue that my photo career started with my brother.
TAGS Personal | Sports

Let me play among the stars


The night sky fills me with awe and fear at the same time.
TAGS Science | Personal

P.U.M.P. for Lauren Spierer


Despite the length of time, the group is still out there, still reminding people that there is a woman missing.

The falling colors of the rainbow


No assignment, no blog post planned, just me, the shutter and the beautiful colors of fall.

It's not my award, but...


Larry not only won over photographers at the IDS; he also won over awards committee after awards committee.

shooting from the hip


I had set up a walkaround in Chicago with Tribune photographer Scott Strazzante for Oct. 16 at 2 p.m.
TAGS Chicago | Personal

Rick Perry at the Columbia Club


Rick Perry spoke at the top floor of the prestigious Columbia Club in Indianapolis today, the fourth G.O.P. candidate to visit here this year at the invitation of the Indiana Republican Party.

A Benefit for Brad


It was a benefit for Brad Humphrey, who was in the first row of the Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair that ended before it began when the stage collapsed.

Boredom + corn = rural photo shoot


You have to see the row of corn in the daytime, stay up until 1 a.m., grab a Maglite out of the cabinet and hook up the new remote trigger you bought the previous week.
TAGS Personal

Chris Brown at Verizon Wireless


On Friday, I got a call from Mike Fender, the director of photography at The Indianapolis Star.

9/11/11 in South Bend


The view provided a poignant ending to a day that, ten years on, still pulls me back to that day in seventh grade when my science homework suddenly didn't seem that important.
TAGS News | Extreme POV

Keystone Towers implosion


This might have been the coolest five seconds my eyes have seen.

Help for Haiti bike ride photos (donation)


It was St. Malachy's first Help for Haiti bike ride to raise money for my childhood church's medical mission to Ste. Marguerite parish in Port Margot, Haiti.
TAGS Personal

Bird photography makes a comeback


I'm not one to look for patterns in truly random events, but I wouldn't mind if this is a hint of more things to come.
TAGS Personal

Erdely/Hayes Wedding


I was thrilled to be such a large part of my friend David's best day ever.

Movin' out

(with apologies to Billy Joel)

I've learned so much about photography and life in Bloomington, and I've had so much fun doing it, so it's a little hard to leave.

2011 Ride Across INdiana


My dad, at 51 years old, is rockin' the bicycle like he did more than 20 years ago, and I couldn't be more proud of him.
TAGS Personal



One ant was carrying another, which was limp and seemed dead.
TAGS Personal | IU

Five weeks without Lauren Spierer


Sadly, the search continues, despite all the people trying to get more information.

Monks & monks


J. Edward Calabro worked on two stories about different monastic traditions: the Benedictine at St. Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana, and the Buddhist at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington.

Fourth of July +2


Amvets Post 2000 was host to a Fourth of July event, complete with live music, fireworks and the parents of Lauren Spierer.

Two weeks without Lauren Spierer


We met Lauren Spierer's parents, Robert and Charlene, who had flown from New York to Indianapolis over the weekend.

Hinz/Osborne Wedding


He's the third of five siblings to get married, but by no means was it routine.
TAGS Weddings

Bloomington Storms, 5/25-26/11


I knew storms were a'brewin', so I brought my camera with me.

Hawaii, Part 1


My previous blog entry is already out-of-date.
TAGS IU | News | Personal

A few photos went up on the way to Hawaii


As I make this entry, I'm on a Delta Airlines flight to Hawaii.

Victor Oladipo sings "U Got It Bad"


It's hard to beat a singing basketball player, even if he was singing with the recording in the background.

2011 Little 500 Team Pursuit

or Clearing Traffic, Part 2

Like what a rider said, the event shows how a team works together.

2011 Little 500

or Clearing the Traffic Jam

I'll be using the next few entries to catch up, in slight reverse chronological order. We'll start with everyone's favorite event (no, seriously, it's awesome), the Little 500.

2011 Little 500 Individual Time Trials


Apparently, I matched form with content by accident today.

2011 Little 500 Qualifications


The Little 500 season kicks off during Rookie Week in early March, but the real feeling starts the weekend of Quals, which happened Saturday.

Waterfall with Bailey and Jake


Two journalist friends and I drove to a small waterfall near Harrodsburg, about 15 minutes outside of Bloomington.
TAGS Personal

We aren't going to Hiroshima. Yet.


Before we could leave Friday for our trip, another disaster, this time natural, hit the island.
TAGS IU | Personal

Men's basketball at Illinois


IU lost to Illinois, which was completely expected.

Big Ten ticket wins IUSA election (redux)


After Michel du Cille's critique, I learned that I had made something passable.
TAGS IU | News | Personal | Politics

Big Ten ticket wins IUSA election


Far into the future, I hope to cover a larger election celebration, but for now I'm satisfied with what I got last night.

Men's basketball at Ohio State


The photos from this Sunday's game are full of disappointment.

Men's basketball vs. Purdue


My parents will probably like the depression shown in the last photo.

A busy weekend


My memory might be failing me, but this might be the first time I have taken photos on assignment for six of seven days.
TAGS News | Sports | Bloomington | IU

Monroe County jail on Valentine's Day with Brittney Hamm


Hamm and her five-year-old daughter, Gracie, would visit Brittney's fiance of six months, Jere Brant Crouch, who has been in jail for seven months.

Against Me! at Rhino's

or Punk Rock is the Hardest Rock (to Shoot)

Two sore thighs, an achy back and a sweaty hoodie later, this is what I got.

Egypt: Not far from home


The good nature and optimism of those I talked to make me think the movement will succeed, eventually.

IU men's basketball vs. Iowa


Speaking as a student, I was devastated.

IU men's basketball vs. Minnesota


I get bored of doing the same thing the same way, as I'm sure everyone does.

Pro-life march to Planned Parenthood

or Thank God for payslips

On the drive there, I found a group of pro-lifers marching two days after the 38th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

IU men's basketball vs. Illinois


Mixed among the first entries of the new blog (or the AFPB, if I feel pretentious) are a few catch-up things from the week before the founding. This is one of those entries.

You've come to the right place?


Seriously, you won't find the best of anything on here.
TAGS Personal
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