True Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel yells into the microphone during his band's show at Rhino's All-Ages Club on Feb. 13, 2011, in Bloomington, Ind. (Alex Farris | Arbutus) Alex Farris
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or Punk Rock is the Hardest Rock (to Shoot)

I'll admit, I've never been to a punk rock concert. I knew the stereotype going in, but I thought I'd survive well enough while still protecting my two cameras and three lenses. Because I was shooting for the yearbook, an IDS photographer was at the concert at Rhino's All-Ages Club, too. Ten minutes before the start of the show, as the chants started, she texted me, "farris, get ready to protect your camera. the crowd's probably gonna get pretty rowdy".

Two sore thighs, an achy back and a sweaty hoodie later, this is what I got.

Flip the light switch
A crowd gathers outside Rhino's All-Ages Club before the Against Me! concert on Feb. 13, 2011, in Bloomington, Ind. The punk band closed their month-long tour in a town they had not performed for in more than three years. Alex Farris
Freshman Mike Belloni pays for his ticket at the door. Against Me! performed as the headliner on their tour with support bands Fences and Cheap Girls. Alex Farris
Chris Mansfield of Fences sings during the show's first act. Alex Farris
Ben Graham of Cheap Girls drums during the second set. Alex Farris
The set list for Against Me!'s show is taped to the floor before the start of their set. Alex Farris
Frontman Tom Gabel of Against Me! yells lyrics from "Pints of Guinness" into the mic at the start of the show. Alex Farris
The audience sings and yells with Tom Gabel early in the set. Alex Farris
Drummer Jay Weinberg looks toward other band members as he plays. Weinberg is the son of former Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg. Alex Farris
Sophomore Lara Jane Wandzilak cheers with the audience during the performance. Alex Farris
Guitarist and backup vocalist James Bowman performs. Alex Farris
An audience member crowd-surfs during the performance. Alex Farris
An audience member points toward Tom Gabel as he talks with drummer Jay Weinberg. Alex Farris
Tom Gabel plays his guitar during the show. Alex Farris
A stagehand throws an audience member back into the crowd late in the show. The crowd would eventually storm the stage during the final song. Alex Farris
Tom Gabel yells near the end of the show. The concert completely filled the small 13-and-older venue. Alex Farris

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