True Junior Indiana University Student Association vice presidential candidate Stephanie Kohls reacts as she overhears a call to junior presidential candidate Justin Kingsolver from current IUSA members announcing the results of their election Mar. 2, 2011, in Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity in Bloomington, Ind. The call came shortly before 10:40, nearly 40 minutes after the polls had closed, and announced Kingsolver and Kohls' Big Ten ticket as the winners, earning more than half of the votes cast. (Alex Farris | Indiana Daily Student) Alex Farris
Big Ten ticket wins IUSA election | Alex Farris Photo Blog
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This was a busy night. After having dinner with my girlfriend to celebrate six months together, and after bringing her to the Will Counts Memorial Lecture on Photojournalism at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, I reported on the Big Ten ticket's results party for the IU Student Association election, held at Sigma Phi Epsilon. Far into the future, I hope to do the same (or better) coverage of a larger election celebration (like, say, for U.S. President), but for now, I'm satisfied.

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A schedule of polling places is guarded by a paper sign in the "situation room" of the Indiana University Student Association's Big Ten ticket during announcement night for IU Student Association results on Mar. 2, 2011, at Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. The campaign organized two days of balloting on this and another whiteboard, determining who from the ticket would man each polling station. Alex Farris
Junior adviser for the Big Ten ticket Dan Haddad (center) and others talk in the "situation room" before election results are announced. Haddad wore a Smurf costume to attract voters in the IU Student Association campaign pitting Big Ten against reviveIU and BtownUnited. Alex Farris
Sophomore campaign adviser Jarad Winget and sophomore candidate for IUSA treasurer Kyle Straub pace around the Sigma Phi Epsilon formal lounge. Winget praised the senior leadership and the spirit of the campaign's volunteers before the results were announced. In reference to rival ticket BtownUnited's volunteers near polling locations, Winget said, "They had three people where we had 10." Alex Farris
Junior IUSA presidential candidate Justin Kingsolver laughs soon after entering the Sigma Phi Epsilon formal lounge to join the rest of the ticket. Before the 10 p.m. voting deadline passed, Winget said, "There's one minute left in the poll, so Justin Kingsolver is still working." Alex Farris
Winget holds an iPhone charger as Kingsolver waits for current IUSA members to call with results. Kingsolver's iPhone had 8 percent charge, so someone with the campaign volunteered his charger. Alex Farris
Kingsolver's girlfriend, Jackie Beattey, rubs his back as he waits for results. Beattey drove from Hillsdale College in Michigan, where she is a junior. Even before results were announced, people were calling Beattey "first lady." Alex Farris
Winget and Kingsolver wait for results. Although the campaign was confident about its chances, Kingsolver paced, ran his hands through his hair, sat up and down, and said this would be his last political race. Alex Farris
Junior IUSA vice presidential candidate Stephanie Kohls looks at Kingsolver as he receives a call from current IUSA members announcing the results. The call came shortly before 10:40, nearly 40 minutes after the polls had closed. Alex Farris
Kohls reacts as she overhears the phone call. In unofficial results, the Big Ten ticket won by a margin of about 1,800 votes. Alex Farris
Kingsolver and other ticket members begin celebrating their unofficial victory. According to those results, Big Ten received 4,811 votes out of 9,071 ballots cast. Alex Farris
Kingsolver and junior chief of staff candidate Hannah Kinkead embrace during their victory celebration. Alex Farris
Kingsolver hugs his mother, Diane Kingsolver, while his father, Jim, takes a picture. Kingsolver's brother, Patrick, was also present. Alex Farris
Bags of McDonald's double cheeseburgers sit on a chair as the Big Ten ticket celebration begins. Justin Kingsolver's parents bought 50 burgers for those in attendance, whose number was estimated at about 100 supporters. Alex Farris

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