True Edgar and Sophia Cariaso dance to Soulja Boy's "Crank That" during a medley of choreographed songs at their wedding reception July 7, 2012, at St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Indianapolis. Alex Farris
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Last night, I delivered the photos and video of last weekend's wedding to the Cariaso household. Sophia, the mother of two friends in my high-school class and the bride in that wedding, thanked me and invited me in so we could watch the video and flip through the photos together with the rest of the family. I stayed there for four hours because, well, we're all good friends.

Despite that friendship, I never really knew the story of their family while I was in high school with J.D. and Denice. Denice, their eldest daughter, set me straight during the reception on Saturday. J.D., Denice, and their father, Edgar, moved to the U.S. from the Philippines in 1997, and the rest of the family (Sophia and kids Daniel, David, and Angel) was assembled in the next five years. By the time I started high school in 2003, all of them were here, so I thought they were just a family made here that maintained its strong Filipino roots (and cooked great Filipino food!). Hearing their story during the wedding Mass's homily, how they met in their childhood neighborhood and fulfilled their Catholic marriage obligations (especially the children part) even before they were officially married in the Church, provided an even more awesome story than the one I already knew.

As grandmother and granddaughter, husband and wife, watched the video and laughed at dance photos, I couldn't help but smile. I've known this family for a long time, but I was thankful to be a major part of the culmination of a long and happy life together, one that promises to be even longer and happier now. All weekend, and last night, every time Sophia and Edgar said, "Thank you," I made sure to say it back to them.

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Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Sophia Sophia's eldest son, J.D., is carrying his iPhone for a Skype call to relatives in the Philippines. Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris
I didn I didn't expect a prosperity dance. In their first dance together, Sophia and Edgar had money pinned on their clothing by what seemed like all the guests in a symbol of... well, continued prosperity. Continued because they've done pretty well so far. Alex Farris
Edgar and Sophia put together their own dance a la The Evolution of Dance. They were a little bit off, but very good nonetheless. Edgar and Sophia put together their own dance a la The Evolution of Dance. They were a little bit off, but very good nonetheless. Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Edgar and Sophia Edgar and Sophia's eldest daughter, Denice, and her boyfriend, Noel Kunz, performed a yo-yo routine at the request of a member of the wedding party. Noel is good. Alex Farris
Alex Farris
Alex Farris

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