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Go west, young medical student


Medical school classes start this week, so before all that madness, I took a smaller, but still adventurous and slightly myopic, trip. On July 17, I set out for Chicago on a road trip through Omaha and Casper, Wyoming, to take a hike in Shoshone National Forest.

This is as high as I hiked. The view felt so surreal (and I was so tired from the walk up to it) that this was a good place for a break.
This is as high as I hiked. The view felt so surreal (and I was so tired from the walk up to it) that this was a good place for a break.

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A harpist, an orchestra conductor, and a bee!


In a flashback to an entry from four years ago, I took photos of an insect. This time, it was a bee, and because bees buzz, I was only able to get one relatively okay photo that wasn't too motion-blurry. So, there's that.

Tonight (just like the previous entry, this one is really posted on May 5, but I can change dates because I built this website and can control things like that), I'm covering the Republican primary for mayor of Carmel for the Star. It's my first assignment for the paper since March, and it's rather exciting.

More referred business! Andrew Lyon (right) conducted the Columbus (Ind.) Symphony Orchestra on April 26, and the night before, he called me saying his original photographer was unable to cover his concert. I obliged, and thus covered my first orchestra concert since my IDS days.


Meece/McAdams Wedding


The second missed wedding entry (for my third wedding of 2014) began as a shameless plug.

During the first week of my summer organic chemistry lab at IUPUI, I overheard a comment from a TA named Callie. She wasn't my TA, but the two lab sections were combined in the computer lab that day, so I heard her say she was about to buy her wedding dress. I rolled my chair over and, slightly brazenly, asked when she was getting married and if she had a photographer. She said no, she didn't have a photographer. I pulled a business card out of my pocket and handed it to her, admitting to the shameless plug but offering to help.

Wouldn't you know it, the self-promotion worked. Her fiance sent me an email, and we scheduled an engagement photo session for downtown on a summer Sunday (the same Sunday as the Fray concert I was covering). After a productive session came the lakeside wedding in October, and holy hell was that fun.

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I rented a 70-200 from for the Super Bowl before I got my own. I liked them; I think you will, too.