I'm currently a student at IUPUI taking classes to get into medical school, following a full-time position as a research writer at the Center for Hip and Knee Surgery and publishing six papers. Outside of all that science, though, I take photos whenever and wherever I can. I often freelance for The Indianapolis Star, and I completed a six-week stint at the Lafayette Journal & Courier while one of their photographers was on leave. I also do wedding photography, as well as whatever catches my fancy for my blog.

I've been places:

  • London for a science public relations internship
  • Basketball games across the Midwest following the IU men's team
  • Indiana state spelling and trivia championships in high school
  • Madrid for a six-month study abroad program
  • All over Ohio for the 2012 presidential campaign
  • Guatemala, as a translator for Operation Walk

On the side, I volunteer at IRIS. I had a good reading voice in high school, born of acting out Dave Barry columns as a kid when no one was home and fine-tuned by that greatest of lifelong influences, my theater teacher. Now, I put that little quirk to good use, reading newspapers and books for the visually impaired.

My lifelong dreams are for these and future pursuits to take me to the lip of an active volcano and to low-Earth orbit. (Call me crazy, but that's what a childhood of imagination and Bill Nye the Science Guy will do to you.) If I can tell a few stories along the way, stories that change people's minds and open their eyes, then I will consider my life complete.

En español

En la actualidad soy estudiante en IUPUI tomando clases para entrarme en una facultad de medicina, despés de trabajar de jornada completa como escritor de investigación en el Center for Hip and Knee Surgery y publicar seis informes. Fuera de toda esta ciencia, hago fotos donde y cuando pueda. A menudo soy fotógrafo freelance para The Indianapolis Star, y trabajé durante seis semanas en la primavera de 2013 para el Journal & Courier en Lafayette. También hago fotos de bodas, y hago lo que me interese para mi blog.

He viajado a muchos lugares:

  • Londres para una pasantía de relaciones públicas de las ciencias
  • Juegos de baloncesto a través del Media Oeste siguiendo el equipo de Indiana University
  • Campeonatos estatales de deletreo y trivialidades en la escuela secundaria
  • Madrid durante seis meses de estudio en el extranjero
  • En todas partes de Ohio para la campaña presidencial de 2012
  • Guatemala, donde fui traductor para Operation Walk

Aparte de esto, trabajo de voluntariado con IRIS. Tenía una buena voz para leer en la escuela secundaria, nacida de exteriorizar las columnas de Dave Barry como niño cuando no estaba nadie en casa, y afinada por mi maestra de teatro. Ya, doy buen uso a esa singularidad, leyendo periódicos y libros para los quienes no pueden leer.

Mis sueños que han persistido durante toda mi vida son que estas búsquedas me traen al pico de un volcán activo y a la órbita terrestre. (Llámame loco; es lo que te resulta una juventud de la imaginación y Bill Nye the Science Guy.) Si pueda contar unos cuentos durante el recorrido, cuentos que cambian la mente y abren los ojos, pues consideraré completa mi vida.

In English

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Awards and Recognition

  • Eagle Scout, 2004
  • Published, Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, May 2008
  • Published, Orthopedics, March 2010
  • 1st place, sports action black & white photo, Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA), 2010
  • 1st place, sports multi-page black & white presentation (staff), CSPA, 2010
  • 2nd place, photo spread (staff), College Media Advisers, 2010
  • 3rd place, feature black & white photo, CPSA, 2011
  • 2nd place, student-life spread (with two others), Indiana Collegiate Press Association, 2011
  • 1st place, photo slideshow (staff), CSPA, 2011
  • 2nd place, secondary online coverage (staff), CSPA, 2011
  • Kappa Tau Alpha journalism honors fraternity, 2011
  • Ernie Pyle Scholar, Indiana University School of Journalism, 2007-2011
  • Graduate with distinction, Indiana University Bloomington, 2011
  • In two photos of the week galleries, The Indianapolis Star, 2011
  • Published, Bone and Joint Research, April 2012
  • Editor's pick, Demotix, Oct. 9, 2012
  • Two photos in a photos of the week gallery, The Indianapolis Star, Dec. 20, 2012
  • Published, Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, January 2013
  • Published, Bone and Joint Journal, November 2013
  • Honorable mention, feature single, Indiana News Photographers Association College Photographer of the Year competition, Feb. 20, 2014
  • Published, HSS Journal, Summer 2014

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This was 2014.


Today, I end 2014 with, oddly enough, a few words about 2013.

Only over the distance of a year can I feel that I fully understand how transformative 2013 was. I started out the year thinking I would spend my life as a photographer, covering weddings & newspaper assignments and flying a kite with a GoPro for fun. I ended the year heading into a second semester of pre-med classes and becoming ever more convinced that I would spend my life, not as a photographer, but as a doctor. There was such a hairpin turn in the middle of that year, and I could feel the turn as I drove through it, but only now can I look back and see how sharp the turn was.

I also see how much happier I am after that turn. There are many reasons for this contentment, some of which appear in great detail in my INPA post, so I won't recapitulate everything here. I'll simply say that returning full-time to my love of science has been an awe-filled, fulfilling, and oddly goal-oriented experience (what with the requirements that medical schools place before their applicants). At the same time, a part of me will always miss pizza in the newsroom and telling a good story on deadline, and that part of me will always live vicariously through my reporter friends. I'm really glad that I have friends who do journalism as their way to make the world a better place, and I'm extremely lucky to have friends like Ryan Dorgan who use great photos to tell an even greater story. I will be watching those friends from afar, appreciating their work, awed by their skill, and confident they will improve the world.

This year doesn't feel quite as transformative as did 2013. At least, any transformation that occurred was nowhere near as sudden or cataclysmic. The theme this year is progress. I finished my medical school requirements (while bumping my GPA past 3.8!), I earned a good score on the MCAT, I got a job in medicine as a scribe for ScribeAmerica, and I scheduled interviews for January with the IU School of Medicine and the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. There were many other small improvements this year, as well, like taking more high school basketball assignments and finding a better way to capture stars trailing through the night sky. Each improvement, small and large, assures me that I chose wisely to make that hairpin turn. There will be hills and mountains and further sharp turns to come, but now that I've lived to tell the tale of that consequential turn, I'm more and more confident that I can make it through those, as well.

But let's leave tomorrow for next year. (ba-DUM, tish.) Today, let's look back at the year that was. Have a good night, and I hope to see you here next year.

Engineering and Technology Alumni team members Akram Khatib and Jerry Hohn capsize after an exchange during the IUPUI Regatta in the Downtown Canal, Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014. In the regatta, teams race up and down the canal from the head at Fairbanks Hall to the Walnut Street basin and back. Two of a team\'s four rowers paddle from the start line, then exchange the canoe with the other two team members at the basin.
Engineering and Technology Alumni team members Akram Khatib and Jerry Hohn capsize after an exchange during the IUPUI Regatta in the Downtown Canal, Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014. In the regatta, teams race up and down the canal from the head at Fairbanks Hall to the Walnut Street basin and back. Two of a team's four rowers paddle from the start line, then exchange the canoe with the other two team members at the basin.


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