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Meece/McAdams Wedding


The second missed wedding entry (for my third wedding of 2014) began as a shameless plug.

During the first week of my summer organic chemistry lab at IUPUI, I overheard a comment from a TA named Callie. She wasn't my TA, but the two lab sections were combined in the computer lab that day, so I heard her say she was about to buy her wedding dress. I rolled my chair over and, slightly brazenly, asked when she was getting married and if she had a photographer. She said no, she didn't have a photographer. I pulled a business card out of my pocket and handed it to her, admitting to the shameless plug but offering to help.

Wouldn't you know it, the self-promotion worked. Her fiance sent me an email, and we scheduled an engagement photo session for downtown on a summer Sunday (the same Sunday as the Fray concert I was covering). After a productive session came the lakeside wedding in October, and holy hell was that fun.


Kaiser/Rhoderick Wedding


"I'll have two more entries up later this week."
-Alex Farris, July 21, 2014

I'm rather silly, thinking I would post two more wedding-related blog entries as my organic chemistry class was finishing and my MCAT studying was about to start. Just before the end of this year, let's correct that myopia.

The first missed entry was the Kaiser/Rhoderick wedding. Kayleigh Kaiser is the oldest sister of a good friend from middle school and high school, and as he is stationed in Puerto Rico, seeing him was a great bonus on top of the good times, money, and photos. The ceremony was held at the gorgeous Holy Rosary Catholic Church just south of downtown Indy, and the reception was... decidedly not downtown, at a reception hall in Plainfield. I eventually drove from my home to the groom's Plainfield home, to Holy Rosary, to a downtown Arby's to wait out the rain, to a park in Plainfield, to the reception hall, to my home. Lots of driving, but no matter: I enjoyed the day. And finally, the photos get their time in the blog spotlight (they were already posted to the shop.

Next up: the wedding of a TA from this summer's organic chemistry class.


Fites/Gilliland Wedding


In this year full of pre-med classes and the MCAT (which is exactly one month away!), I've managed to fit in two weddings, an engagement photo session, and a stealth gig of a proposal. They've been nice fiscal supplements to the Star assignments, but they've also been welcome changes of pace from getting names of strangers and editing on a tight deadline (and devising chemical reaction schemes!).

The first wedding I covered this summer was of an old high-school friend, Kateri Fites. She married Ben Gilliland-Sauer on June 7 at St. Thomas on the Purdue University campus, which meant I was taking photos in West Lafayette for the first time since my stint at the Journal & Courier. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and I got what may be my favorite pre-ceremony photo of a bride. The expression and the veil really make it.

Enjoy! I'll have two more entries up later this week.

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